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Allison Ayer is a personal trainer certified through NASM. She is also a massage therapist, a Feng Shui consultant and an artist.  She has spent much of her life in athletics, dance and movement education and has a diverse wealth of training perspectives from which to draw. Her years of experience in studying, teaching and performing modern dance, teaching vinyasa yoga and playing team athletics has provided her an understanding of what works and what doesn’t for positive results in different situations. In the last 9 years, she has focused on massage therapy and used her own personal training as continual education, learning from four distinct trainers to garner varied styles and techniques. 

Allison firmly believes that personal training goes beyond meeting a weight or strength goal – it is an empowering, vitality-enhancing practice. She brings a wide library of exercise techniques, alongside nutrition and eastern health practices, in order to provide a whole life program for her clients. Allison looks at your goals, habit and history to help you construct a holistic approach to vibrant health. She will work with you to set your goals, help you see and acknowledge the hard work you do everyday and provide you support and suggestions to counter slipping back into bad habits. 

Given her background as a dancer, Allison is especially equipped to work with those that are “recovering” from lifelong athletic endeavors, understanding the body image and physical issues and the injuries that those may face. She will push you as far as you need to be pushed, respecting the natural limitations of your body while getting the most she can from you. 

In Allison, you get more than a personal trainer, you get a creative coach, a cheerleader and holistic life consultant. If you want purely to have your ass kicked, she will exceed your expectations.  If you are looking for a more in-depth wellness consulting and coaching program, she can provide that with gusto!  From looking at your nutrition and sleep habits to your home and work environments to your lifestyle choices, you can together craft a healthy balance that is individualized for you!

Areas of specialty:

Athletes and those with an athletic history.

Specialized training programs to support individual needs: old injuries, fears, physical limitations, and those new to exercise entirely.

Performance optimization; overall. and in everyday life activities.

Body awareness programs to connect to the power and needs of your body.

Techniques & training:

Yoga, Alexander, Feldenkrais, Body-Mind-Centering, modern dance, various athletics and functional training with NASM.

Holistic life:

Feng Shui, Ayurveda, chinese medicine, sports and pesca-vegetarian-based nutrition, cranio-sacral therapy, myo-fascial release, neuromuscular therapy, connective tissue therapy, sports massage and polarity therapy.



about my work...



  1. 6 years practicing

  2. Corrective Exercise Specialist

  3. athletic, dance and yoga background

  4. bodyworker

  5. experience in BMC, Feldenkrais, Alexander and other movement awareness studies

  6. home studio, not gym environment

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